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Dr Ruth Owusu



The Public Health Unit was established initially in 2003 as a unit under the Polyclinic Directorate. In September 2014, it was made an independent unit directly under the Medical Director’s office.

The vision of the Unit is to become an Institutional Public Health Unit of excellence in the provision of Public Health Services comparable to any of international standards.

The mission of the Public Health Unit is to provide a comprehensive array of public health services to staff, patients and other clients of the hospital with a view to improving and promoting health and preventing disease.


The organogram of the Unit is shown below. There are 4 Sub-units as shown in the organogram, each with several sections.

In addition to activities done within the Unit, staff of the Unit collaborate with and provide services in other directorates in the Hospital including:

Child Health: Public Health and community health nurses of the Unit assist at the Paediatric HIV clinic, Sickle Cell Clinic and other paediatric specialist clinics

Medicine: Public Health Nurses, Community Health Nurses, Disease Control officers and Public Health Officers provide health education, adherence counseling and basic nursing services at the HIV and TB clinics.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Public Health Nurses and community health nurses run the PMTCT clinic at Consulting Room 8 and the Newborn Sickle Cell Screening. In addition, one Public Health Nurse provides services at the family planning Unit.

Surgery: Breast Clinic

Family Medicine: The Health promotion team collaborates with staff to give Health education at the Chronic Care Clinic.

 Management Team structure and membership

The Unit has five Management Team members who are:

  • Ruth Owusu, Head of Unit and also Head, Public Health Research
  • Collins Frimpong, Head, Occupational Health and Preventive  Medicine
  • Joshua Arthur, Head, Disease Control and Surveillance
  • Mercy Telly, DDNS and Head, Public Health Nursing
  • Raymond Atiemo Danso, Principal Administrative Manager.

 Key Functions and Services
The key functions of the unit are:

  • To collect, collate, analyze and interpret health-related datasets in the hospital and disseminate this information for action
  • To investigate disease outbreaks and institute control measures in collaboration with relevant stakeholders
  • To coordinate epidemic preparedness of the Hospital
  • To provide immunization to children 0 to 59 months and pregnant women and provide growth monitoring services for children under 5 years.
  • To provide services for the promotion and protection of the health of staff in KATH
  • To provide HIV counseling and testing services and coordinate HIV activities in the hospital
  • To develop public health oriented policies for KATH
  • To adapt national guidelines and policies on Public Health for KATH
  • To promote and conduct public health research
  • To provide training in Public Health

Human Resource Situation in the Public Health Unit, Jan 2019.

Category Number of Staff
Doctors 3
Administrative Managers* 4
Public Health Nurses 8
Community Health Nurses 20
Technical Officers (Disease Control) 7
Technical Officers (Health Information) 3
Health care Assistants (phlebotomists) 3
Health Educators 1
Biomedical Scientist 1
Data managers (on Secondment from the GHS/NACP) 2

                        *Includes 3 Counsellors


Training Activities:

  • Coordination of training of selected staff on the Guidelines for isolation of patients and use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the management of patients with highly infectious diseases
  • Training on prevention and management of occupationally-transmitted infections for staff
  • Training on Post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV and Hepatitis B virus infection for new staff
  • Research training support to Residents
  • Research training on Disease Surveillance and Outbreak investigation

Research Activities

  • Study on Risk factors for delayed vaccination of children – Done.
  • Collaboration with Duke University to examine vaccination perception amongst parents – Done.
  • Assessment of quality of Death Certificate completion in relation to Underlying Cause of Death- Done.
  • Evaluation of the AFP surveillance system in Kumasi Metropolis – Done.
  • Assessment of the use of preventive health services by staff- preparatory stage
  • Partner support and HIV preventive practices among HIV sero-discordant couples reporting to the KATH HIV clinic


Dr. Ruth Owusu 020 6301879/0243 267463 ruthowusu1@yahoo.com, rowusu@kathhsp.org
Dr. Collins Frimpong 0277 7403236/0266 614494 jackfrimp@yahoo.com
Dr. Joshua Arthur 0244 688282 arthureuk@yahoo.co.uk
Ms. Mercy Telly 020 8788978  
Raymond Atiemo Danso 0244 406925 rayatiemo@yahoo.com
Head of Unit   PHHead@kathhsp.org