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The 3rd Annual Medical Knowledge Fiesta


The hospital has both local and international collaborators.


Ghana Collage of Physicians and Surgeons (GCPS)/West Africa College of Physicians and Surgeons (WACPS): The hospital collaborates with these colleges in the area of training of Postgraduate Medical Doctors in all specialties of Medicine where applicable. These two institutions produce Fellows and Members in medical practice. The hospital also collaborates with the colleges in the area of accreditation of faculties to ensure quality standards in medical practice.

Ghana Health Service: The hospital works closely with Ghana Health Service in the areas of:
· Development of policies affecting health care development in the region/country
· Training of health professionals
· Seconding of health professional when necessary
· Research

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST): The hospital has had a close collaboration with KNUST since the start of Medical School. Most consultants and senior staff members are full time lecturers of the University. Areas of collaboration include:
· Training
· Research
· Service provision
· Research ethics

Medical and Dental Council: The Council by law regulates the practice of Medical Doctors in the country. The hospital collaborates with them in the area of training and conformity to the practice of the profession. Notable areas include:
· House Officer's training and orientation
· Organization of continuous professional development programs
· Good professional practice
· Registration of doctors and dental council

Ministry of Health
Areas of collaboration include:
· Training of postgraduate health professionals
· Posting of doctors


Edvice Missions, Israel: This collaboration started in 2006. The mission is based in Israel and specializes in trauma and emergency management. Several health professionals from KATH have benefited from their training programs over the years. The group was very instrumental in training health professionals in the region in emergency preparedness and mass accident management during the CAN 2008 hosted in Ghana.

Africa Partners Medical, USA: It is a voluntary organization involving African American health professionals based in Mayo Clinic, Minnesota USA. The faculty on the average, numbers around fifty (50) and comprise their counterparts in Africa and Europe. They give training in the form of didactic presentations, workshops in wide range of areas and hands on training.

The collaboration started in 2003 and has had five missions. This year's program has been scheduled for 21st -24th September at the Gulden Tulip. Participation has always been great with an average participation of about 300 health professionals from Africa.

Boston Children's Hospital, USA: It is collaboration between the Harvard University Children's Hospital and KATH. The program started in 2008. The area of collaboration is in Paediatric Cardiac Surgeries. The team embarks on two missions every year (March and October) and has performed over thirty five (35) cardiac surgeries on Ghanaian children. The team donated one heart lung machine to the hospital. The ultimate plan is to set up a cardiac centre in the hospital.

Cardiostart International, USA: This is a non-governmental organization based in USA. They are medical professionals specializing in Adult Cardiac Surgeries. The collaboration started in 2008 and the first mission was done in February, 2008. They provide logistics and consumables for the surgeries, while KATH provides theatre space and man power support.

Children's Surgery International: They are a non-governmental organization based in USA. They collaborate with hospital in the area of maxillofacial (cleft) surgeries. The group together with their local counterpart in the Dental Surgery Unit had corrected many Cleft patients in the country. They also offer lectures to residents in the hospital. The group visits the hospital once every year, usually in November.

International Volunteers in Urology, USA: It is a non-governmental organization specializing in Urologic Surgeries based in USA. The group teams up with the Surgery Directorate (Urology Unit) and performs bi-sexual and other related surgeries once every. The group also donates consumables to the hospital whenever they visit. The collaboration started in 2007.

Motec missions, UK: This is a new collaboration established between the hospital and an NGO based in UK and Germany. The area of interest is in Orthopaedics. The Team will be visiting the hospital to perfume orthopaedic surgeries including hip replacement. They will also train residents.

Pathologists Overseas, USA: It is a non-governmental organization that has been very instrumental in providing quality service to our clients. It is a network of pathologist overseas who visit the hospital on a rotating basis with one of them being resident in Ghana all-year round. They provide pathology services and training. Their presence in the hospital has helped in reducing pathology reporting time from six (6) months in some cases to five (5) days.

Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET), UK: This is a collaboration between the directorate of medicine, KATH and universities in the UK. Under this program, all year round consultants from UK universities travel to KATH to give free lectures to residents of the hospital.

University of Cambridge, UK: The hospital collaborates with the University of Cambridge in the areas of safe blood transfusion practices.

University of Michigan USA:
Areas of collaboration include :
· Breast Care Management
· Emergency Residency Training
· Emergency Nursing Program

University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK: The hospital collaborates with the University in the area of training in Paediatric and Intensive Care.

University of Ulm, Germany: This University collaborates with the hospital in the area of training anaesthesiologists and Trauma Orthopedic Surgeons. Short courses are also arranged with the University for Nurses and Doctors. Quite an appreciable number of anaesthesiologists and trauma/orthopaedic surgeons working in KATH were trained at Ulm.

University of Utah, USA: Collaboration with this University dates back to the late 90s. Areas of operation include:
· Anaesthesia: Refresher courses for nurse anaesthetists in country-wide. An average number of 120 attend
· Child Health: Updates in child health care. Over 100 health professionals attended this five-day workshop
· Eye: The University's Moran Eye Centre has strong ties with the Eye Unit of the hospital. Plans are far
advanced to set up an Eye Centre of Excellence in the hospital. The group every year organizes free eye
surgeries for Ghanaians and also teaches residents.
· Public Health: Through the R&D unit, KATH collaborates with KNUST and the University of Utah in carrying
out the Barekuma Community Collaborative Development Project together with the Atwima Nwabiagya
District Assembly.

UNIVERSITY OF TROMSO AND UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL OF NORTH NORWAY(UNN):The hospital collaborates with this university in the area of full training required for the specialty of Pathology services in norway.

World Health Organisation, Geneva: The hospital currently collaborates with the WHO including in the areas of malaria and buruli ulcer research.

Himalayan Cataract Project (HCP), USA - HCP is a United States of America based NGO. It has collaborated with the hospital in eye care services and training for some time now. The major projects being pursued currently with the NGO include construction of the eye surgical centre, outreach programmes and training of health professionals.

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