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Mr. Francis Barnie
Head of Directorate

Domestics Services Directorate is one of the two non-clinical directorates in the hospital. The directorate provides catering, sterilisation, laundry and transport services through four (4) departments:

· Laundry
· Central Sterilisation and Supplies (CSSD)
· Catering
· Transport

The directorate is managed by a six-member team made up of head of Directorate, Accountant and the four heads of the above mentioned departments.

Laundry Department

This department of the Directorate has two laundry set ups - one at the main hospital and another at the A&E Centre. Both are of industrial sizes.

They collect, sort, wash, iron and distribute washed linen to the CSSD and all wards and clinics in the hospital.

Central Sterilisation and Supplies Department (CSSD)
This department of the Directorate operates the central sterilization and supply system. It has two sterilization and supply set ups - one at the Main Hospital and another at the A&E centre.

Both are of industrial sizes. Among the packs produced by the sterilization department are:
· Theatre Pack
· Special Pack
· Tonsils Pack
· Dialysis Pack
· Ward Dressing
· Abdominal Pack
· Cotton Wool Balls
· Dental Pack
· Eye Swabs
· Eye Pack
· Special Burns Pack
· Gauze Roll Pack
· Emergency Cotton Roll
· Orthopaedic Cotton Roll
· Cotton Wool Roll
· Theatre Gauze
· Drum From Various Clinic
· Instruments (large, medium & small)
· Porous (large, medium & small)

The department carries out sterilization of linen and instruments for health facilities in the Kumasi metropolis at highly subsidized prices. The department also sells the above listed products to its out-patients.

Catering Services Department
The Catering Services department provides three meals containing the recommended daily intake of nutrients for all diet-categorized inpatients. The hospital feeds about thousand patients a day. The catering department has professional catering staff strength of fifty-seven people with ranks ranging from Cooks to Assistant Chief Catering Officers who work on various aspects of food preparation. To ensure best practices, the Catering Department invites the Ghana Standards Board to assess facilities and conditions in the department and provide recommendations for continuous improvement in services.


Transport Department
The department runs a centralized transportation system where all vehicles and requests for transport services are managed from a central pool. The hospital has not allocated its vehicles to departments. However, it has vehicles dedicated to key activities such as blood donation sessions and National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) travels and errands. The department is headed by a Transport Officer who holds an International Diploma in Transport and Logistics Management. The department has twenty eight drivers and one driver's mate. One major service of the department is transporting staff to meetings, conferences, seminars and other official assignments outside Kumasi.

To ensure that staff come to work and go back home on time, safely and without stress the transport department provides commuting buses for some major routes in the Kumasi metropolis. As a social responsibility, the transport department provides transportation for medical team for all major national sporting and other events in the Kumasi metropolis. The Department also works in collaboration with the National Ambulance Service.

The hospital receives many visitors through its collaborative programmes and projects with universities and health institutions around the globe. To provide leisure for the visitors some of whom use their vacation to provide free services to the hospital and to boost hospitality business in Ghana, the transport department sends the visitors to any tourist sites they decide to visit in Ghana.

Practical Training for Workers and Students
The hospital stretches its teaching mandate beyond clinical training to include practical training in laundry, sterilization and catering services for staff of private, mission, government and quasi government health facilities. This training will be strengthened to include certification and also increase the hospital's support to lower level facilities. The hospital is ready to arrange with other facilities to make its systems, facilities and experienced staff available for practical training. The directorate also offers industrial attachment for students from vocational and tertiary institutions in Ghana.


E-Mail : domestics@kathhsp.org

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