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Mr. Carl Wemegah
Head of Unit

In other to deliver services that meet client expectation and becoming a centre of excellence greatly depends on an equal development in the Information and Communications Technology of any organization.

The management of KATH therefore decided to establish an Information and Communication Technology Unit in 2003; the ICT Unit was formed with the Head of Unit reporting to the Chief Executive.

The unit has staff strength of fourteen (14), made up of 1 Systems Manager, 7 Network Engineers, and 6 Hardware Technicians.


Key Functions
Considering the business priorities of the hospital, the ICT roles are those of networking, user support, software application selection and support, data analysis, evaluation, and research. The following are the major activities undertaken by the Unit:


•Training: The Unit as one of its objective of training of staff in ICT has been able to train about 800
staff of the hospital since 2003. About 80% of these underwent training in ICT literacy (Introduction to Computers) majority of them been Nurses. This was to prepare the staff for the computerization of the hospital.

•Hardware: The Hardware branch of the Unit's activities involves Installation, Repair and Upgrade equipments.

• Networking: The Networking part of the Unit's activity involves the designing and administration of the hospital's LAN, management of hospital website and the administering of the hospital's email system. The Networking of the entire hospital was completed in the year 2006 with a fiber optic backbone linking about 450 service points. The hospital's website (www.kathhsp.org) was developed and is managed by the Unit. With the completion of the LAN, staff members are able to browse the internet through VSAT. Internet providers are Africonnect and Vodafone Ghana.

•Software: The software part of the Unit's activities involves developing and executing information security policy and projects, software development, installation, implementing and maintenance of system and application software. The hospital is currently using Medical-Pro software and the Sun accounting system software.

An ICT steering committee was formed in the year 2006 with The Medical Director as its Chairman to help the Unit to achieve its objectives. The committee has been able to produce some documents notable among them, the ICT Structure and other ICT related documents. The Unit also manages the Pan African Telemedicine Centre established by the Indian Government in collaboration with the African Union.


E-Mail : ictunit@kathhsp.org


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