Directorates / Polyclinic



One of the clinical directorates created in 2001. The Directorate has the following units: Family Medicine, Public Health and Physiotherapy. The Directorate started by giving primary out-patient care and brief recovery ward services to adult clients. Gradually the scope of primary care services has increased as mentioned below through The Family Medicine Unit.

We hope to expand our services to include Women’s Health, Adolescent Health and Palliative Care amongst others. Physiotherapy started activities with limited staff covering all the disciplines, now services are strengthened by the development of subspecialties; Club foot, Back care, Stroke Care, Paediatrics neurodevelopmental treatment, etc…


We hope to provide specialized orthopedic physiotherapy services in the near future.
Public Health initially focused on immunization surveillance and some occupational health. Presently surveillance has expanded to include MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) and health promotion.

The Directorate is managed by a team of eight members: Head of Directorate, Lead Clinician, Head of Physiotherapy Unit, Head of Public Health Unit, Pharmacy Manager, Business Manager, Nurse Manager and Accountant.

The Head
Polyclinic Directorate,
Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital,
Bantama Av number 1.
PO Box 1936,
Kumasi, Ghana

Office Telephone 03220- 22301/2/3-  ext 1085



  • Family Medicine, provides specialized primary care to all clients independent of gender, age, or complaint attending the Directorate. Services include: Out-Patients care(walk-in), archiving services, 24hour pharmacy services, Staff-clinic, 24 hour inpatient care, after-hour emergency care, casualty services, minor surgical procedures, Medical Examinations clinic,specialist Family Medicine clinic with follow up appointments. We run a Chronic Care and Preventive Health Clinic by appointment.

The directorate has accreditation from The Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons for the training of residents in Family Medicine. As of August 2014, twelve specialists have been trained. Thirteen residents are at different levels of training.
We also support training of students in medicine, physician assistants, laboratory science,general nursing, community health nursing and pharmacy technology.
Human resource: Professional nurses 24, auxillary nurses/health assistants 64, doctors and family medicine residents 36, pharmacist 5, pharmacy technicians/technologist 11, paramedical 37.

Partnerships for teaching and research collaboration are with:
- KNUST (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology) College of Health Sciences, Kumasi.
- Korle Bu Polyclinic/ University of Ghana College of Health Sciences, Accra.
- University of Michigan, Faculty of Family Medicine, USA.

Research projects:

  • Ghana Mother’s study (perinatal mental health, mental health and social support among bereaved mothers)
  • How health care professionals cope with perinatal death
  • Physician and Nurse perspectives on Depression in Pregnant and Postpartum Women in Ghana
  • Pharmacovigilance/ adverse drug reactions



Full papers

- Oti AA, Spangenberg K, Owusu Afriyie 0. 2013, Tuberculosis of the Head and Neck at The KomfoAnokye Teaching Hospital: Case reports. Ghana Dental Journal, Vol 10 No 1, 23-24.
- Gold KJ, Jayasuriya TG, Silver JM, Spangenberg K,Wobil P, Moyer CA. 2013, How well do mothers in Ghana understand why their newborn is hospitalized? Paediatrics and International Child Health; DOI: 10.11.1179/2046905513Y


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  • Sarfo K, Appiah K, Gebu-Mensah R. Assessment of medicinequantification in a tertiary referral centre.  FIP-International Pharmaceutical Federation Congress, August 31-5th Sept,2013. Dublin (Ireland).


  • Physiotherapy



The Physiotherapy Unit seeks to provide specialized Physical Therapeutic Care in order to maintain, restore physical, psychological and social well-being, taking into account variation in health status. The unit seeks to provide quality service through a professional environment to meet the needs and expectations of all its clients. The unit activities cover both In-patient and Out-patient care and this include consultation, clinical practice, health education, outreach programmes, training and research.


Unit management team comprises:
Head of unit, supported by Sectional heads (Electrotherapy, Adult Gymnasium, Child Health, In-patients)

Services offered include the following:  Patient/client consultation,    Clinical physiotherapy practice,      Health education and counseling, outreach programs      Training and Research

Key Functions
Physiotherapy provides specialized Physical Therapeutic Care that aims to offer relief from pain, restore strength and function. Help children attain their developmental milestones, counsel clients to promote wellbeing and prevent occurrence /recurrence of conditions that affect their health.   
The unit also helps in the training of students from various institutions and also undertakes research.

Human Resource Situation: Physiotherapists 23, Physiotherapist Assistants 11, Health Care Assistants 8, Physiotherapists Interns        4, Revenue Officers 2, Biostatistics/ Records 3, Staff (Sub-contract cleaning agents) 3.

Collaboration with institutions to support the training of Physiotherapists, Physiotherapy Assistants, Doctors, Nurses, Disability and rehabilitation professionals


Ongoing Research
Perceptions and satisfaction of patients on admission at trauma and orthopedics ward.

Dissertation. Exercise and sports science programme. Final year 2014.

  • Amponsah R, Moses MO, Nyampong PO, Segede JK. The effect of aerobic exercise training on physiological parameters of rehabilitative stroke patients

Partner Organizations

  • Cure clubfoot worldwide; Logistics sponsorship for the clubfoot clinic on Wednesdays.
  • World Vision Ghana; Donation of hospital consumables and surgical/physical assistive devices.
  • Cardiostat International; The unit is the local rehabilitation partner for the cardiac surgeries provided                   by the partners for both adults and from Boston Children`s Hospital for kids.
  • University of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah University Science Technology, University Cape Coast Physiotherapy Assistants Orthotics School (PAOTS)

The year 2014 we have celebrated the following:
Clubfoot Clinic is 10years old
2nd Biennial Scientific Conference on Physiotherapy on 26-28th March 2014

Physiotherapy Unit,
Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital,
Bantama Av number 1.
PO Box 1936,
Kumasi, Ghana
Office 03220-81361
03220-22301 –ext 1278


  • Public Health Unit

The mission of the Public Health Unit is to provide a comprehensive array of public health services to staff, patients and other clients of the hospital with a view to improving and promoting health and preventing disease.
The specific objectives of the unit are:

  • To provide immunization and health promotion services to all children seen in KATH
  • To provide services for the promotion and protection of the health of staff in KATH
  • To develop public health oriented policies for KATH
  • To adapt national guidelines and policies on Public Health for KATH
  • To facilitate and/or conduct research on issues of public health importance
  • To contribute to National discourse on Public Health through collaboration with agencies under the Ministry of Health
  • To foster strong collaboration between the Regional Health Directorate of the Ghana Health Service and KATH with a view to improving public health in the Ashanti Region
  • To collaborate with Public Health agencies under the Ministry of Health and other relevant national agencies to protect the health of the general health

The Unit currently has the following sections:

  • Reproductive and Child  Health Unit
  • Disease  surveillance and control
  • Occupational health
  • Preventive medicine and clinical support
  • Public health research

The Unit has various categories of staff including Public health physicians, public health nurses, Community health nurses, Disease control officers, Disease surveillance/health information officers, Counselors and Administrative managers.
The activities of the unit are undertaken by staff either based in specific directorates or units or by staff of the unit conducting their activities in other directorates.
Training Activities organized by the Unit include:

  • A 2-day refresher training workshop on Adherence Counseling. It was held for 35 staffs of the Public Health Unit and Directorate of Internal Medicine on the 4th and 5th of March, 2014.
  • A 2-day ART training held in two batches for 30 officers on the 22nd and 24th of April, 2014. The officers included house officers, residents and medical officers.


  • Timeliness for vaccine uptake among children accessing services at KATH MCH clinic.


  • Owusu R, Laryea DO. Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) in Low-Resourced Settings- Myth or Reality.Medical Knowledge Fiesta, Sept 16-20, 2013. Golden Tulip. Kumasi, Ghana
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Contact address/numbers:

  • Public Health Unit

Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital
P.O. Box 1934

  • Office line: + 233 (0) 3220 22301-4, Ext 1179

Head of Unit’s contact: + 233 (0) 201210117