Directorates / Technical Service



Technical Services Directorate is a Non-Clinical Directorate rendering strategic support
services to all the Directorates in the hospital.  Hitherto, the set-up was known as the
“Maintenance” Unit; a name derived from the basic function of the Unit.

With growing functions, responsibilities and increase in capacity of the set-up, it was
elevated to the status of a Directorate.  The set-up was therefore organized into two main
blocks, namely Biomedical Engineering and Estates. Heads of these two main blocks, the Head
of the Directorate, the Business Manager and the Accountant constituted the five management
team tasked to nurture the then newly formed Directorate.  Two Units has recently been added  
to the Directorate; namely, Mechanical and Environmental.   The team had since managed the
setup, making every effort to meet the overwhelming demands on the Directorate.


As a dynamic set-up, management re-organized the Directorate, aimed at ensuring efficiency
 and effectiveness in the performance of its duties. 
The Directorate was therefore restructured into five main blocks namely, Biomedical
Engineering, Estate Management, Plants and Machinery, Environmental Health and Administration.

The mission of the Directorate is to provide effective and efficient maintenance support
to the physical infrastructure, equipment and plant; service installations and
Rational Acquisition of equipment, plant and infrastructure.

The Directorate is being run by a six-member management team namely:

GEORGE TETTEH                                AG. HEAD OF DIRECTORATE               - 0246762762
DR. AHMED YACUB                            HEAD, BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING    -  0243556358
FREDERICK OPPONG                           HEAD, ESTATES                                   -  0244730526
JOSEPHINE ASARE                              HEAD, ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH     -  0203724589
GREGORY PETERS                               HEAD, MECHANICAL UNIT                 -  0244972906
SAMPSON GYAMFI                             ACCOUNTANT                                    -  0208153096



  1. Planned preventive maintenance on buildings, fixtures, plant, machinery and equipment
  2. Servicing of sewerage lines in the hospital as well as hospital rented apartments.
  3. Renovation of hospital/residential buildings.
  4. Waste management and weed/pest control, general cleanliness of hospital compound.
  5. Co-ordinate cleaning/janitorial services.
  6. Repair, installation and maintenance of air-conditioners, kitchen and mortuary cold rooms.
  7. Repair and fabricate patient trolleys, screens etc.
  8. Maintenance of lift system
  9. Maintenance of Oxygen plant, air compressors, incinerator, boiler plant etc.
  10. Planned preventive maintenance of all medical equipment/devices.
  11. Supervision, monitoring and evaluation of maintenance services rendered and projects executed by external agencies for the hospital.
  12. Provision of technical advice to management on maintenance procedures, project appraisals,