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Mr Emmanuel Kusi Sarpong

Head of Unit

Brief background/history of the unit

The Biostatistics unit historically was among the few departments set up as part of the hospital since its establishment in 1955. It was previously referred to as the Medical Records and Statistics Department. The Unit presently (2018) operates under the Medical Director, though previously under the Director of Administration and once under the Chief Executive Officer of the hospital.

The unit is responsible for the collection and management of health records by traditional and electronic means in the hospital. The Unit plays a critical role in the delivery of healthcare in the hospital and is the first point of call for all patients who come to the hospital.  Our core mandate as a unit is outlined in these five broad areas namely:

  • To register patients into the hospital system
  • To issue cards and folders to patients in the hospital
  • To keep patients’ records in the hospital
  • To compile and analyse both clinical and administrative data in the hospital
  • To undertake some research activities.

In general, the head of the Unit is responsible for the overall management of the Unit.

All staff of the Unit have been assigned to the various clinical Directorates and Units as their duty points under the direct supervision of a Technical/sectional head.

Each directorate has a sectional head/in-charge that is responsible for the day- to- day administration and management of the unit in the directorate.  The Unit head is responsible for providing and equipping all staff in the Unit with the technical expertise for their respective duties.

This is usually done through on-the-job programmes; in-house and external training workshops; and conferences.

The staff strength of the Unit has improved in the last three (3) years, and currently stands over 80 comprising Public Health Officers, Biostatistics officers, Technical Officers, Technical Assistants, Biostatistics Assistants, Medical Records Assistants, Revenue Officers (redeployed) and officers from the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO).

As the main repository of all clinical and administrative data in the hospital, the Unit has been very much involved in almost every research activity in the hospital. As the custodians of patients’ information, the Unit has provided and continues to provide research support in the form of data collection, data compilation, analysis and interpretation to both researchers within and outside the hospital. In 2013, the Unit strengthened its research capacity by conducting its own study on maternal mortality in the hospital, the first of its kind. The study is complete and will soon be processed for publication. In 2013, the Unit also collaborated with the Research and Development Unit to put together some proposals to bid for some external research projects.

Key functions and services

  • To register patients into the hospital system
  • To issue cards and folders to patients in the hospital
  • To keep patients’ records in the hospital
  • To compile and analyse both clinical and administrative data in the hospital
  • To undertake some research activities.

 Upcoming events and activities- 2019

JANUARY(on-going) Collaborate with the ICT unit to train staff on the use of LHIMS Biostatistics staff trained to use the LHIMS to capture and manage patients’ data.
JAN-JUNE Develop a folder retention policy for the hospital Improved medical/ folder management
APR-JUNE Support Head of Unit and Two(2) Technical heads to  undergo further training in management at GIMPA Head of Unit and two Technical heads trained in employee/staff management
APR-JUNE Three (3) staff to travel to Michigan hospital (USA) to understudy their Electronic Health Records system for four weeks. Staff exposed to the use and management of Electronic Health Records systems in advance health facility.
APR-JUNE Acquire 10 set of the ICD books from the WHO 10 set of ICD books acquired
APR-JUNE Train HOU, management team members and other staff in electronic data auditing and validation HOU and staff trained in electronic data auditing and validation
JUNE Special training for technical heads and one focal person from each directorate on CODING and disease classification using ICD 10. Staff consisting of technical heads and focal persons trained in coding of diseases.
JAN-SEPT Support staff to attend conferences and seminars organized by GHIMA and other recognized health agencies/bodies Staff gain knowledge in modern health information management practices
JUL-SEPT Support Two (2) staff to attend IFHIMA Conference Staff equipped with emerging trends in health information management
JAN-DEC Conversion of hardcopy old folder documents into electronic form for easy access  Folders scanned
JAN-DEC Conduct  three(3) operational researches Researches conducted
HALF YEARLY Organize two(2) Staff durbars Staff durbars organized half yearly


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