Information & Communication Technology Unit

   Augustine Acheampong

               Head of Unit


In the year 2003, the ICT Unit was formed with the Head of Unit as Carl Wemegah and the only staff of the Unit. Management in 2004 employed one additional staff, Mr Augustine Kwame Acheampong, to augment the staff strength of the Unit. In 2005, management increased the staff strength to three (3) by employing Nana Opoku Boachie. In 2007, the then management of the hospital decided to automate the services of the hospital to improve efficiency of service.  In doing so, ten (10) additional staff (four (4) IT Managers and six (6) Technical officers) were employed. The Unit currently has a staff strength of sixteen (16).

The Units main aim is to use ICT to achieve institutional missions such as measuring patient outcomes, operating efficiently, cutting costs, educating students, and supporting research. By this, the Unit is divided into two (2) sections which are the Hardware Support and Network Engineering Section and the Software support and Training Section.  The Unit is currently headed by Augustine Kwame Acheampong who reports to the Chief Executive.

Since its establishment, the Unit has gone through various stages to become what it is today. Though it is an undeniable fact that the Unit has lived up to an appreciable level of expectation, it will continuously work hard to improve its services.


To maximize the potential for information communication technology in achieving strategic goals of Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.


The aim of the Unit is to use technology to achieve institutional missions such as measuring patient outcomes, operating efficiently, cutting costs, educating students, and supporting research

Membership of management team

  • Mr. Augustine Kwame Acheampong – Head of Unit
  • Nana Opoku Boachie – Hardware Support and Network Engineering
  • Mr. Kwame Boateng Opoku Agyeman – Software Support and Training


Organisational Structure

The IT infrastructure

Networking infrastructure

The hospital’s LAN is connected to all buildings in the hospital through a fiber optic backbone. There are about 1150 wired network access points that connects all service points in the hospital. There is also an installation of wireless connectivity with about 110 wireless access points providing network accessibility to wireless devices.

The hospital’s Health Information System, Biometric Attendance System, CCTV systems and other network dependent systems runs on the KATH LAN.  The Unit is responsible for the management and maintenance of the KATH LAN.

Internet access

The hospital’s internet service is provided by Ecoband Ltd with a speed of 20Mb. Other service providers such as Vodafon Ghana, MTN Ghana etc. also provide service to some Directorates and Units of which is not managed by the ICT Unit.


The Unit is in charge of the development and management of the hospital’s website (

Email addresses

The hospital has corporate email system with the domain with an unlimited number of user accounts.


The number of computers has increased from thirty (30) to four hundred and seventy (479) from the year 2007 to date. There are seven (7) servers currently installed for and being used as domain controller, mail server, file server, data server amongst others. Some other IT equipment were also procured during the period.


The Unit is currently managing Lightwave Health Information System (LHIMS), an eHealth platform deployed by the Ministry of Health through Lightwave eHealth Solutions. The system has been running in the hospital for the past one year. There is also installed application and security software for the management of the hospital IT infrastructure.


Other installation

There is an Installation of a CCTV system for the management and monitoring of security

There is an Installation of a Biometric Attendance System for the monitoring of staff attendance

There is an establishment of a teleconference center for telemedicine services.



Responsibilities of the Unit as per the organizational structure are;

  • Planning, coordinating and directing computer related activities of the hospital
  • Managing of information systems and computing resources of the hospital
  • Provide the upkeep, maintenance and security of the hospital’s IT infrastructure
  • Developing requirements, budgets, and schedules for the hospital’s information technology projects
  • Designing and administering of the hospital’s W/LAN
  • Planning, designing, researching and acquisition of new or upgraded IT infrastructure
  • Installing, supporting and maintaining new hardware and software infrastructure
  • Allocating ICT infrastructure resources
  • Ensuring the most cost-effective and efficient use of IT resources
  • Undertaking routine preventative measures and implementing, maintaining and monitoring network security
  • Providing training and technical support for users with varying levels of ICT knowledge and competence;
  • Planning and implementing future ICT developments and undertaking project work


Key functions

System Administration

  • System Specification and Certification
  •  Developing policies, budgets, and schedules for IT projects

Hardware Support

  • Installations, Repairs and PPM
  • Storage Management
  • System Security

Networking Support

  • Email and Website Administration
  • Network Administration
  • Network Maintenance
  • Network Expansion

Software Support

  • Hospital Management Applications
  • Software Security
  • Systems Applications


  • Staff Support
  • Research
  • CPD



The following are the services rendered by the Unit


Hardware Support

  • Planned preventive Maintenance of all installation
  • Install new equipment
  • Replacement of obsolete equipment
  • Repair equipment
  • Upgrade of ICT system
  • Manage CCTV system
  • Manage Biometric attendance system


Networking Support

  • Management and update of Kath website
  • Manage Email System
  • Maintain network system
  • Expand network points
  • Administer and maintain internet service at KATH Campus
  • Manage data backup system


Software Support

  • Manage hospital management software (eg. LHIMS) and other procured software
  • Upgrade and Manage Security and vulnerability software
  • Manage and administer system software
  • Implement ICT Security policy
  • Develop and implement


System Administration

  • Implement ICT policies
  • Prepare annual performance review reports
  • Prepare IT Unit Annual Budgets
  • Write out specifications on ICT related equipment
  • Certify ICT related equipment procured



  • Training of Staff in the use of Hospital procured software (eg. LHIMS)
  • Organize workshop on the use of ICT equipment
  • CPD training for ICT staff
  • Conduct research



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