Various Units of the Hospital




Dr. Emmanuel Kumah

Head of Unit

It is a Unit that takes care of Policy Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation functions of the Hospital. The unit functions under the Director of Administration.

The Unit has a staff strength of seven (7).


The Unit is mandated to provide the following services:

  • Coordinates all policy matters
  • Coordinates all issues concerning planning and budgeting, and
  • Undertakes performance monitoring and evaluation of all hospital activities.


The vision of the Unit is to promote efficient and effective health service delivery through excellence in planning, activity monitoring and evaluation.


The mission of the Unit is to ensure that all programmes, projects and activities are well planned, hospital performance adequately monitored and evaluated.


The Unit in accordance with its mandate performs three main functions.

These include:

  • Policy planning,
  • Planning and Budgeting,
  • Performance Monitoring and Evaluation.


Under this function the unit performs the following activities:

  • Coordinates the development of policies and guidelines for Directorates, Units and Committees.
  • Collaborates with Directorates, Units and Committees to develop and review proposals for hospital projects.
  • Leads in the formulation of strategic investment plans.
  • Translates policies into operational and strategic plans
  • Develops strategies for engaging the private sector and other sectors in achieving the goals of the hospital.

Planning and Budgeting

Under this function the Unit performs the following activities;

  • Coordinates the preparation of short term (annual), medium and long term plans for the hospital.
  • Develops indicators for monitoring of hospital plans and implementation.
  • Conducts economic evaluation on hospital projects and programmes.
  • Translates operational policies and objectives into proposals for resource allocation.
  • Promotes the appropriate use of research findings for planning.
  • Prepares and update guidelines for planning at the Directorate level.
  • Collaborates with the Finance Department to develop and update guidelines for budgeting in the hospital.

Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

Under this function the Unit performs the following activities;

  • Develops level specific performance indicators and contracts consistent with the Hospital and MOH expectations.
  • Coordinates the Publication of documents relating to the Hospital activities (annual reports and other periodic reports) and ensure that the activities are properly documented and relevant information is disseminated.
  • Collaborates with relevant Directorates/Units to set up a health and management information system for planning, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Monitors the implementation of hospital policies, the utilisation of hospital resources and the attainment of targets.
  • Develops systems for monitoring and evaluation of various services and policies within the hospital.
  • Collaborates for the development and updating of appropriate health data collection forms to facilitate planning and monitoring of performance.
  • Carries out trends assessment for the hospital by drawing on relevant sources of information to analyse the overall performance and monitor progress in implementing key policies.
  • Designs and apply monitoring and evaluation systems and tools for purposes of assessing the operational effectiveness of programmes of the hospital as well as programmes of implementation Directorates/Units.
  • Develops time -tables for the preparation and review of annual plans.
  • Facilitates the review of annual plans.
  • Sends reminders to Directorates and Units certain M&E issues when necessary.


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